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Five of the Most Overrated Games of Recent Times

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The Mayor



Before I start in on this and the two people that read this blog get pissed and write a comment I won’t read, I have laid some rules upon which I’ve based my critiques for an overrated game.

  • First off, the game must be highly rated – I’m talking 9.0+ across the board. Sure, one or two sticklers (also known as critical reviewers) could throw up an 8.8 or something every once in awhile, but for the most part these games need to be well received.
  • Second, overrated doesn’t mean highly anticipated – it just means overrated. There is a difference. Assassin’s Creed isn’t on this list – it sucked and once everyone played it, they realized it sucked. Also, overrated doesn’t mean I didn’t like the game; it just means tons of people liked it more than me and are obviously retarded for doing so.
  • Third, I’ve limited my picks to games I’ve actually played. I haven’t beaten them all, but I’ve played the majority of their campaigns and multiplayer options if applicable.

Finally, this list is definitive, conclusive and undeniable. There is no contrary argument. Peace. Continue reading