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Fight Night Cheap Shots: Four is the Magic Number

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In EA Sports’ Fight Night: Round 3, there’s no better way to send a friend to the canvas than with a swift knee to the crotch, followed up by a headbutt or elbow. You might wonder, how often can I use these great dishonorable tactics without getting disqualified? The answer is simple. No matter how many punches you throw, how long the fight lasts, or whether your opponent blocks your attacks or takes them firmly in the groin, the referee will only allow you four illegal blows in any fight (swiping at the air doesn’t count). If you hit your opponent with a fifth illegal attack, you’ll immediately forfeit the match.

I know what you’re thinking. Only four illegal blows?! I wanted to pummel the other guy with elbows for 12 rounds. I hear you, brother. Here’s a bit about each illegal move to help make the most of those precious four: Continue reading


Free for All: Battlefield Heroes

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Here’s a story that even got picked up by PRI’s Marketplace: EA plans to release Battlefield Heroes, its next entry into the Battlefield series, for free in summer of ’08.

ea_bh.jpgThe game will be online only (right now just the PC version is announced), and EA will offset the cost of releasing it for free by peppering the in-game world with advertisements. That and you can buy a bunch of stuff for your avatar/warrior. These microtransactions, as Marketplace points out, will range from clothing to weaponry, to probably anything. )

This model is already at work in the far east, where games like Maple Story are making serious bank. The concept is also getting put to the test at Thumb Butler, where a contributor who shall remain nameless shelled out fractions of a dollar to outfit his horse with armor in Oblivion. EA’s announcement is pretty interesting, considering the game is, you know, free.

Personally, I haven’t played any Battlefield games since Vietnam, but that’s mostly because I am freaking terrible at them. I will, however, look forward to exercising my 2nd amendment right by purchasing some firearms (and possibly chaps) for my rogue, gun-toting, badass.


Listen to the Marketplace podcast here… (the Battlefield Heroes part is at the very end – the final note)

Joystiq has a post about this same story, read it here…

Free games paid for by pervasive advertising are not new, remember America’s Army? Well apparently playing that game can double as field-ops medic training, since a soldier saved multiple lives based on instruction they received in that game. Bizarre.