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Microsoft somehow under the impression that they are winning the war on cheaters.

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Microsoft has announced that they are implementing a new policy that will crack down on cheaters like never before. No, they haven’t decided to finally activate the hidden C4 inside the box of anyone who attempts to mod it. But don’t worry, their punishment is much more extreme and reminiscent of WWII Germany’s treatment of the Jews.

According to Microsoft and unbeknown to myself and I’m assuming most other Xbox Live gamers, achievement hacking is the hottest form of cheating. Doesn’t it just grind your gears when you see someone with achievements they didn’t really earn? No, not really for me either. Who gives a shit? Well, apparently anyone caught with a mod or cheat on their harddrive (unclear how this is detected) that enhances their gamerscore will have said score reduced to zero and have their account renamed CHEATER McCHEAT (props on the name), as per this photo which is blurred for CheaterMcCheat’s protection. As you can see his status is “CHEATING” while living in “Im’ A Dirty Cheater, USA.” How embarassing. While this isn’t without shittiness for the receiving parties involved (all their achievements whether legitimate or hacked are erased and can never be regained), I find it pretty amusing that Microsoft is diverting any resources toward this kind of nonsense rather than the repeated hardware problems their boxes are facing. And of course it doesn’t combat the whole “pay Microsoft another $50 to get a new account” strategy that most cheaters use or plan on using. Something tells me it’s not in Microsoft’s Scrooge McDuck-ish vault of gold’s best interest to ever combat this strategy.

For another article on this story check here.


Finally…Lost Odyssey begins to fill the quality-RPG void on the 360.

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One of my concerns over choosing the 360 over the PS3 a year or so ago was that I would be alienating my game library from the quality RPG’s that were much more typical of the PS2 than the XBox. The two major genres of console titles I have found myself playing are role-playing games and first-person shooters. While I dabble in nearly every genre, these two have by far offered the most to my all-time favorites. By deciding on the 360, I essentially gave up quality next-gen RPG’s for FPS’s. Microsoft’s finest titles are their shooters and I’ve pounded countless hours into Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3 as a personal testament. At any rate, I vowed to get a PS3 only if their titles ever started kicking ass (still waiting).

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Guitar Hero for the Nintendo DS scheduled to “rock…” shelves this summer.

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Yes, you thought the series was entering the realm of absurdity when they announced the most probably destined-for-failure Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, but you had no idea just what mad science Activision had been brewing in their basement. On a mission to milk/shit on the series even further, the megapower has decided to try out this game for the DS. This looks like it would be about as much fun as typing on an iPhone keyboard and about as masochistic as well.

The major problem I see with this creation is a pretty obvious one: you’re not holding a fucking guitar. Instead you’re just pushing buttons on the side of a DS. I’m guessing the fantasy that you’re a badass rock star comes into play right about the time you start to channel the spirit of Kenny G and his enchanted saxophone. I’ll stick to Rock Band for now.

To read an interview for Guitar Hero: On Tour, check here.

To watch the Hi-Res trailer featuring well-dressed young adults pretending to enjoy themselves on the roof of a high rise, check here.

(Both provided by IGN/Yahoo! Games)

And in case you’re wondering where you can pick up this bad boy, the trailer informs that you don’t have to look any further than “Everywhere.”

Oh and last but not least I wrote this article in its entirety while on the can, which is the most I think coverage of this game deserves.

Square Enix’s new goal: simultaneous worldwide releases.

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…And it’s about damn time. Square Enix, best known for its Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series, has made a goal of releasing its future titles simultaneously worldwide. Who knows if they will actually follow up with this monumental mission (my guess is definitely not), but I for one am pretty tired of getting my grubby hands on their games a full year after my Japanese brothers and sisters. Only time will tell.

In other news, here are some dancing people in animal costumes:

The performance of the grizzly bear on the left is lacking, in my opinion. That must be why he’s the farthest from the camera.

Kojima’s newest baby.

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So now that Metal Gear Solid 4 will be the last of the Solid Snake titles, what lies in store for its creator, Hideo Kojima? Well, he apparently is planning to make a new title not affiliated with his successful series. Unfortunately, no further details are likely to be released until next year, after MGS4 and the 16-player Metal Gear Online are fully released and set up.

The only hint we have is the general direction back to the classic series that Konami is taking, as reported by the company’s president, Fumiaki Tanaka.

Source: IGN

Wii Fit Makes You Less of A Slob

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WiiFatThumbButler has unofficially declared 2008 the Year of the Wii. Well actually we’ve done no such thing, but if you look some of our articles on Smash Bros. and Mario Kart Wii, you can tell that we’re pretty amped up about what Nintendo has to offer for this calendar year.

Through all the anticipation, however, Wii Fit has remained something of an enigma. Is it a game? Is it an exercise sim? Is it Wii Sports 2? Is it a waste of my time? Am I really overweight?

These days though, more and more people are getting their flabby, hot dog gripping hands on the title and, at least for this writer, interest is definitely building towards the May 19 North America release date. Over at the Wired Game|Life Blog, Chris Kohler obtained a copy of the Japanese version Wii Fit and proceeded to keep a diary of a his week with the game. Kohler offers an in depth look at the gameplay/exercise and briefly describes a few of the activities that you can do to pass the time.

Read Chris Kohler’s Wii Fit post from the Wired Game|Life blog here.

Patapon fever highly contageous.

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So I took a trip over to GameStop today to pick up my very own copy of the newly released PSP first-party title, Patapon. Lucky for me they had one copy left. I took this bad boy home and started playing it. I wasn’t very impressed by the first mission, and considered putting the game down for later, but instead I decided to press onward.

And what a fantastic decision that was – the next three missions I played were unbelievably fun. By the time I got the hang of the rhythm I was fighting entire battles in fever mode (hit the drums correctly enough times in a row), not missing a beat.

The gameplay is simple but addictive. Basically, you are the god of a group of warrior peoples (or rather eyeballs with legs and arms). By banging your war drums (each corresponding to a different button) you issue commands to your troops such as march on or attack.

Patapon also totes a surprisingly sleek system of birthing new patapons (warriors) to fight for you using the raw materials you gain either as spoils from battle or from completing mini-games. Among my personal favorites is a game that involves you shaking goodies out of a dancing tree as well as another where you slice ingredients into a cooking pot (sounds weird but awesome right?). To top it all off, the art style and graphics are stunning.

I highly recommend this title to all gamers. You can pick it up for a cool $19.99, a price lower than its value for sure.