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Gob admits Call of Duty 4 obsession consumes his existence.

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Yes Will Arnett, better known as Gob to my fellow Arrested Development whores, admitted to Conan a passionate love for this game. I wish I had his gamertag.

Speaking of CoD4, there’s a new patch for the game on Xbox live, featuring among other changes an improved Kill Cam, a quick mute option (finally), supposedly faster connection speed, and new spawn points.

Hopefully these changes will make my quest for a gold AK less frustrating. The M16 and AK were easy – now I’ve gotta splatter some domes with Infinity Ward’s slew of monkey reject assault rifles. 428 headshots down, 622 to go…

UPDATE: I have finally given birth to a gold AK47. My life now has meaning.


AIAS Interactive Achievement Awards crowns Call of Duty 4 king of 2007

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The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences has named Call of Duty 4 the game of the year. This truly goes to show that while most development teams working directly for major publishers blow astronomic ass, there are still some that possess an extraordinary amount of talent. When it comes to putting together an all-around solid and satisfying FPS, Infinity Ward knows that they’re doing, and Activision is certainly happy about that.

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What Call of Duty 4 is doing right…and Halo 3 is not.

Posted in News with tags , , , , , , , on January 31, 2008 by pappimarx

Most of us now know that Call of Duty 4 has surpassed Halo 3 as the most popular title on Xbox Live. To what can we attribute this surge in success for the younger title? There are many factors at play here and as someone who has played both titles extensively, I want to make sure none of them are discounted.

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