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Open Source Rock Band Sequel

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Well, not quite. But in a conference at GDC, Chris Foster, of Rock Band developer Harmonix, stated that the company was investigating possibilities of user created content and song imports for future Rock Band titles. As Joystiq staffer JC Fletcher aptly points out: does this mean that Rock Band 2 is confirmed? If so, I gotta get my Xbox back ASAP.Nickelback Rox

I’ve been lobbying for user generated songs for Rock Band for awhile now as I feel that the transcendent game could capitalize on user driven content in a way that few titles could. The music world is so vast, that allowing the Rock Band players to contribute to the game seems the obvious next step. And quality control (another massive piece of the user content puzzle) could be self regulating: Nobody is going to play your crappy port of Nickelback. It’ll get drowned out by better ports. Or just by better songs. I suppose this is the YouTube model of operation.

Of course the red tape surrounding this operation must be entangling, to say the least. Can you imagine trying to pitch this to big time music studios who are already soiling themselves over the plethora of piracy problems? The bottom line though is the fact that all parties involved are taking it to the bank courtesy of Xbox Live downloads. Why give something away when you can cash in on it instead? I know I’m putting the points on my account nonstop. El Scorcho anyone?


Future Rock Band DLC Revealed?

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As pointed out by Joystiq, this post in a forum proclaims to have a list of future DLC songs for Rock Band. The author, laconic, doesn’t specify how he/she arrived at this list, but one can imagine some poking around involved. Not that we’re opposed to that at Thumb Butler. Anyhow, the list is ridiculously awesome, though I’m also forcing myself to not get too amped considering the high probability of bullshit. Artists’ are not named in the list (only song titles) but check out some highlights after the jump:

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Artists Rock Band Is Missing

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Ever come home from a truly heinous dive bar, alone and painfully afflicted with an insatiable desire to perform Ice Cream Man to the appreciative audience of your living room furniture, but lo and behold, you’re terrible at any and all real musical instruments? I know I do embarrassingly often, which is why I have compiled a list of artists that Rock Band desperately needs more of. They are as follows:


Van Halen

The Cranberries


The Smiths

French Kicks


Kings of Leon

The Dandy Warhols

The White Stripes




More to come.