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GTA 4 == Up iN yO gRiLL!

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What will GTA 4 bring? Of course all the usual violence and thuggery which seduced the hearts of millions of gamers across the world, but is that enough? Sure, sowing my wild oats with a $2 dollar whore in the back seat of my stolen Infernus or Banshee is enriching. So is the dignified drive-by shooting at the local community center. But what really interests me is the idea of something new and innovative. GTA 3 was a titan of innovation and every release since then has either improved what was started in GTA 3 or dressed the game up in a veil of gimmickry hoping to squeeze every last cent out of the franchise. But enough about the lack of innovation *cough* San Andreas *cough fart*, what will GTA 4 have to offer?

Some of the highlights from the IGN preview:

  • Natural Motion Tech – An AI based physics system that improvises characters motions. Unlike pre-canned animations, characters will improvise things like flying out of cars and falling off buildings.
  • Cover System – A Gears of War fan’s wet dream.
  • New combat mechanics – You can now target different parts of the body. Bring on the headshots!
  • Online Play

There is, among other things, a new drive-by targeting system that allows you to aim freely and new camera mechanics which make driving more smooth and cinematic.

Overall I think the new GTA 4 has the germ of greatness. The cover system should add depth to the combat that has been lacking in previous GTA releases and Natural Motion Tech and improved camera mechanics will make the game easy on the eyes. It might be unrealistic to expect the innovation of GTA 3 but I think Rockstar will provide the next best thing; solid combat, a diverse environment, excellent graphics, and a rewarding story.


Preview: Bionic Commando Rearmed Vs. Bionic Commando

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Bionic Commando
I never played the first Bionic Commando and after seeing videos of the original NES game I desperately wanted to go back in time and claim a portion of my childhood that was robbed from me. How could I not have played Bionic Commando when I was 5 years old? The only person to blame is my mother. Her failure to introduce this revolutionary NES game to me has obviously been the cause of 113% of my shortcomings in adulthood.

Whatev, no biggie, Bionic Commando Rearmed is coming out for XBLA with cooperative play, so all my post-adolescent troubles are solved. Hopefully it will be like Contra on steroids and from the previews it looks that way. But this Bionic Commando Revival has also spawned a black specter among us, Bionic Commando for 360/PS3, an unimaginative disease with an unknown release date (like your grandfather).

When I first heard about a Bionic Commando set to hit the Next Gen consoles I said, “Shit, I hope they don’t take the same idea (a man with a grappling hook) and place it in a 3d world.” Well, after watching the latest video, I am excited to say that they did exactly that. Complete with swinging crap and really awkward looking physics. The idea of a grappling hook in a 3d environment happened in 1998 with Quake 2 CTF and maybe even before that. It’s a bit late to make a game where that is your only “gimmick” gameplay element. Oh but now you can use it to attack enemies you say?! I would rather chew my way out of a whale corpse.

I know some people will disagree with my forecast for the new Bionic Commando (360/PS3) because they like swinging through an open environment, but that was executed to perfection in 2004 with Spider-man 2. Capcom is a little late to the party.


In summary:

  • Bionic Commando Rearmed for Xbox Live Arcade — Potentially Excellent, affordable, and Co-op play!
  • Bionic Commando Dung-filled Abortion (360/PS3) – Pathetic half-hearted attempt at uniting old with new a few years too late.