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Guitar Hero for the Nintendo DS scheduled to “rock…” shelves this summer.

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Yes, you thought the series was entering the realm of absurdity when they announced the most probably destined-for-failure Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, but you had no idea just what mad science Activision had been brewing in their basement. On a mission to milk/shit on the series even further, the megapower has decided to try out this game for the DS. This looks like it would be about as much fun as typing on an iPhone keyboard and about as masochistic as well.

The major problem I see with this creation is a pretty obvious one: you’re not holding a fucking guitar. Instead you’re just pushing buttons on the side of a DS. I’m guessing the fantasy that you’re a badass rock star comes into play right about the time you start to channel the spirit of Kenny G and his enchanted saxophone. I’ll stick to Rock Band for now.

To read an interview for Guitar Hero: On Tour, check here.

To watch the Hi-Res trailer featuring well-dressed young adults pretending to enjoy themselves on the roof of a high rise, check here.

(Both provided by IGN/Yahoo! Games)

And in case you’re wondering where you can pick up this bad boy, the trailer informs that you don’t have to look any further than “Everywhere.”

Oh and last but not least I wrote this article in its entirety while on the can, which is the most I think coverage of this game deserves.


Some good news for those who purchased the Aborted Fetus Version of GHIII (otherwise known as Guitar Hero III for the Wii).

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After shafting purchasers of the title on multiple counts, Activision has finally decided to offer full refunds on the game. Notable among the disasters this title has brought to its users are the inability to play sound in anything but mono, as well as a ridiculous requirement to send in the original disc when requesting a new one (leaving the consumer gameless for a good month or so).

If you’re interested in getting this refund, you can do so here.

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