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Future Rock Band DLC Revealed?

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As pointed out by Joystiq, this post in a forum proclaims to have a list of future DLC songs for Rock Band. The author, laconic, doesn’t specify how he/she arrived at this list, but one can imagine some poking around involved. Not that we’re opposed to that at Thumb Butler. Anyhow, the list is ridiculously awesome, though I’m also forcing myself to not get too amped considering the high probability of bullshit. Artists’ are not named in the list (only song titles) but check out some highlights after the jump:

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AIAS Interactive Achievement Awards crowns Call of Duty 4 king of 2007

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The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences has named Call of Duty 4 the game of the year. This truly goes to show that while most development teams working directly for major publishers blow astronomic ass, there are still some that possess an extraordinary amount of talent. When it comes to putting together an all-around solid and satisfying FPS, Infinity Ward knows that they’re doing, and Activision is certainly happy about that.

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Digging out the Sandbox with an Axe

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sandboxWhen Grand Theft Auto III broke onto the scene in 2001, it changed the way that games were played. Its much-heralded “sandbox” approach allowed the player to do anything and, much to the FCC’s concern, everything possible within the gaming world in order to make that dollar. In fact, GamePro, who in 2007 named it the most influential game of all time, sums up its power in the world of gaming:

“After GTA III, everything from Tony Hawk to fighting games, shooters and even the Simpsons franchise went back to the drawing board. No other game in the last 20 years has had more impact than Grand Theft Auto III.”

Hyperbole? Perhaps. But the ripple effect that GTA III had on games was undeniable. It was one of the premier titles for PS2 and it was the number one reason why I purchased the system in late 2001. Continue reading

Uncle Sam Mandates Consumption

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scroogeWhen America speaks, I listen. In this case, America isn’t even saying anything; she’s just giving me money. Apparently the economy is struggling, (though I wouldn’t know since I basically live out of a hotel) and even Second Life is on the ropes. Regardless, I’m super-ready to benefit from this “economic stimulus plan.”

I suppose that’s not directly gaming news, but just wait until you see what I spend this cash on. My Roth IRA is in its nascent stage, but as far I’m concerned, its got 40 years to sort itself out: this handout is going directly toward my gaming career. The best part is that I don’t even feel guilty about it since apparently this check is supposed to be taken to the bank asap.

Figuring out what I shall splash the cash on will come later (and perhaps in a later post if I ever get this check), though new instruments could be in store…

Artists Rock Band Is Missing

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Ever come home from a truly heinous dive bar, alone and painfully afflicted with an insatiable desire to perform Ice Cream Man to the appreciative audience of your living room furniture, but lo and behold, you’re terrible at any and all real musical instruments? I know I do embarrassingly often, which is why I have compiled a list of artists that Rock Band desperately needs more of. They are as follows:


Van Halen

The Cranberries


The Smiths

French Kicks


Kings of Leon

The Dandy Warhols

The White Stripes




More to come.