Weezer puts a solid foot forward in the digital scene.

On Friday Weezer released the music video for the band’s new single Pork and Beans off their new self-titled “Red Album” which comes out June 3rd. I have pretty much fallen off from giving a rat’s ass about Weezer’s new stuff since the Green Album shat all over my expectations circa my senior year of high school. However, I’m posting this music video, which is set to a fairly mediocre song, since it’s outright awesome – especially if you’re an internet nerd and on a first-name basis with all the miscellaneous YouTube stars such as afro ninja and Kelly.

When big internet phenomena started around ten years ago or so (or at least when I started noticing them) they always seemed like an underground experience limited to a small group of people who had way too much time on their hands in order to look up flash animations of dancing bananas. As we all know, the internet scene is now far from its origins, with extremely popular distribution channels used by virtually everybody spreading new hits like wildfire.

I always considered these internet “stars” as separate from mainstream film, television, music and video games. The first time I started to recognize that they were leaking (for better or worse) into said media was when the Juggernaut in X3 exclaimed the popular internet voice-over line “I’M THE JUGGERNAUT, BITCH!!”

Just plain ridiculous.

Not only did X3 take a huge step back from how great the second installment was (Brett Ratner blows goat ass), they also got cheap cheers from inserting a line made popular by the internet.  Suffice it to say it blew my mind that something I considered on the same level as Peanut Butter Jelly Time (no offense PBJT, you’re awesome but have no place in a movie) made it into a major motion picture. Since then, another notable internet-Film/TV interaction that comes to mind is a Season 12 South Park episode mocking the Writer’s Strike.

Weezer’s video uses largely the same means as the X3 scene but achieves a much more kickass end by not cheapening the original but rather bringing the internet community into their video in a personal way. As super lame as that sounds, I think we’re going to see a lot more of what Weezer has done, whether it’s in the form of music marketing and presentation or so far as entirely new sites dedicated to getting new artist content on a free forum for listener exchange of thought (think MySpace music but more interactive to the user).


9 Responses to “Weezer puts a solid foot forward in the digital scene.”

  1. The Mayor Says:

    X3 was by far the best Xmen. The first one is boring, the second was an improvement but still not an Xmen movie. X3 for the win.

  2. Best X-men in that it reminds you of the poorly written TV show which while great when we were 11 is awful by today’s standards? OOO burned.

  3. kingzardoz Says:

    I think we can agree that evaluating the quality of any form of entertainment is highly objective and quantifiable (like astrology or ghost hunting). We are talking about a science here and you guys are doing a disservice to this scientific evaluation by using emotional terms or not providing numbers. Look at the data gentlemen, X3 is 3 times better than X1! Do the math! Also, TV is widely consider a drug, if TV were to follow the path of alcohol or weed that means with time the drug only becomes better (more potent) with time like the fermentation of alcohol or the aging of weed that falls behind your desk only to be found 1 year later and smoked. If we follow Alexander Shuglins drug potency model (add 50% for every year), this means that the X-men TV series is 550% better now than it was when the show was released. Holy fuck that is good science!

  4. ggkrapface Says:

    The TV show was poetry, and while poetry is gay and not manly at all, X1 and X2 are most aptly described as anal finger bang when compared to X3. Look at it, Xavier is dead (no crap about after the credits), Cyclops is dead, Magneto is left powerless until the final credits, Mystique looses her levels and falls back to standard hottie, Wolverine KILLS Jean Grey, Storm is still a bitch, but nothing is flawless and Juggernaut is in the movie and runs head first into walls, nothing more is required from him. As far as the comics are concerned, X3 is the most senseless and retarded of the bunch and as such, the best and most faithful to the source. It’s XMEN, a story about mutants with super powers, not Gone with the Wind. If I see a XMEN movie I want explosions, claws, titties and ridiculous awesome dudes and chicks throwing lazer beams and hand grenades. ALL THE TIME. And X3 is as close to that little cherished wish as we’ve seen so far.

  5. To keep this argument going: the dialogue in the comic books wasn’t written by a 2nd grader. Yeah action is definitely important if not the most important part of a comic book movie but comics and graphic novels are also focused on dialog, narration and monologue which were all shit in X3. AND on top of that while I agree that the events themselves in X3 were rad (X dying, Wolverine gutting Jean Grey, etc.) they were executed pretty sloppily and unceremoniously

  6. Suer System Says:

    That video kicks! Did they do the Ms. South Carolina / Numa Numa / Tay Zon Day stuff with computers, or did they actually refilm that stuff? BTW, PBJT-FTW.

  7. ya weezer got them to film new stuff for the video is my understanding

  8. The Mayor Says:

    At the risk of sounding like a faggy film critic, I will agree that X3 seems to lack the polish present in X2, X1 felt pretty rushed and low budget, see Sabertooth for an irrefutable example. The charm of X3 though is that it feels crappy in a comic book/cartoon way. It moves away from the dumb “realism” they tried to present X1 and X2 in and benefits from it. Instead of trying to convince the audience that mutants with mind altering powers, blue skin and indestructible skeletons are conceivable, X3 cuts the foreplay and just says, look guys, mutants with mind altering powers, blue skin and indestructible skeletons are awesome and blow shit up. Let’s watch them do what they do. And that is the charm of X3. It’s dumb and silly, but it’s spectacle and entertaining. X1 and X2, while good, just end up feeling a bit pretentious and self important and ultimately fail in what a movie about crazy mutants who destroy shit ALL THE TIME should be. A movie about crazy mutants who destroy shit, ALL THE TIME.

  9. The Mayor Says:

    Also, I just started watching the video that sparked this convo and I must say, I’m a bit disappointed all this effort was sparked in response to another dime a dozen weezer song. Lame.

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