GTA IV thief nabbed in my own backyard.

Well, not literally in my back lawn but almost as good – the police got this kid in my own sunny San Diego. Not satisfied with virtual police pursuit alone, Dennis Richard Fiel allegedly sprayed several unfortunate Mira Mesa Gamestop employees with a can of mace, grabbed a couple copies of GTA IV (released on Tuesday), and bolted.

Instead of laying low for a while to dodge some pigs like we all know GTA’s protagonist Niko would, Fiel decided to go celebrate his heroic exploits at his favorite local Japanese BBQ joint. Bad move – the cops, who had been searching for him on the ground and in the air, nabbed him almost instantly. They found the can of mace and the games still in his truck.

Unfortunately this act is classified as a felony, or else we could all be making Grand Theft Grand Theft Auto jokes for years to come.

Source: Union Tribune


3 Responses to “GTA IV thief nabbed in my own backyard.”

  1. daggius Says:

    Too bad he didn’t nab your copy of Brawl so you’d stop embarrassing yourself on Nintendo WFC son

  2. I seem to recall Ryan and I cleaning you out not 30 minutes ago. 90% win ratio. You and dave need some lessons

  3. daggius Says:

    True but we talked enough smack to make up for it

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