Donovan less dominant on digital turf

Landon Donovan is the force behind the LA Galaxy’s “sucking less than last season” campaign, with a hat trick last weekend in the Galaxy’s 5-2 win over rival Chivas USA and two goals the previous week (including MLS goal of the week) and two goals the week before. The man is on fire. What’s also amazing is that he finds time amidst his professional sports career to game. Thats right, according to the interview below, he’s been enjoying virtual sports such as Fifa and Madden for “like twelve years straight”. Unfortunately that doesn’t stop him from taking an apparent drubbing from some tub with a shit-faced grin. It’s unnerving how intent that guy is on e-shaming Donovan (instead of basking in the man’s veritable awesomeness). Seven goals in three games. Holy shit I’m glad he’s on my fantasy team.


One Response to “Donovan less dominant on digital turf”

  1. Such a smug biatch, this guy. The rematch should be him and Donovan on a real soccer field. This IGN fattie would be weeping.

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