Beloved video game and pop-culture characters brought to life: nightmares may ensue.

In response to some fake-brought-to-real pieces done by Pixeloo (see after the jump), artist Marcus Blättermann has created a rendition of what Bowser would look like if he existed in reality (or whatever our collective existence can be called). A couple of these works are pretty frightening, so beware. The Pixeloo pieces aren’t so much what the characters would look like if they were real people, but rather what their proportions would look like with real-life textures (you’ll see what is meant by this shortly).

Bowser (by Blättermann)

It’s a me-a mid-life crisis (by Pixeloo)

Nightmare Groady (by Pixeloo)

Redhead Jolie? (by Pixeloo)

Thanks to the writers at Geekologie for bringing these to my attention. Titles of pieces provided by the Thumb Butler.


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