Futurama movie: worse than “American Dad” series

The Futurama movie “Bender’s Big Score” features one unfunny joke after another, which does nothing to aid a terribly forced and uncreative plot.  The team’s first delivery mission is to a nude beach planet, as if showing some cartoon-character skin is going to make up for crappy humor.  The characters themselves are insulting oversimplifications of their TV-series selves, with Leela doing “hee-ya” karate kicks for no reason and Hermes starring in pointless limbo scenes (with no acknowledgement of his tumultuous limboing past).  The 15 minutes of this crap I watched before giving up in disgust were a complete disgrace to the good name of Futurama.  If only I got around to watching it 5 months ago when it came out I could have warned more people NOT TO WATCH IT!  Whoever pinched off this loaf of a movie better be satisfied because now Futurama’s probably going to get cancelled AGAIN.


3 Responses to “Futurama movie: worse than “American Dad” series”

  1. Enfilade Says:

    Yeah, I suffered through the whole thing and there were approximately 3 funny moments throughout the whole movie. Also, the twist (if you can call it that) at the end was pretty transparent. They could have just condensed the movie into a normal episode and it might have been better.

  2. Yeah I saw 10 minutes of this and stopped as well. They clearly have entirely different writers working on it to an offensive degree – theres virtually no semblance of any of the classic character personae we’re used to. Pretty disappointing


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