Now I want to build a Trebuchet in my backyard

Sorry Desktop Tower Defense, I have a new favorite Flash game. Magic Pen (the culprit) calls on my basic Physics knowledge to draw simple machines that carry out important tasks, such as rolling a ball to a flag, or knocking some blocks outa the way. With 26 levels, it keeps me satisfied longer than Crayon Physics, and time I spend feels almost educational. Seriously, they should use this in schools to teach Physics or something. Anyway, if you enjoy Rube Goldberg machines or Medieval warfare devices, this game will likely give you some pleasure.


Magic Pen:


One Response to “Now I want to build a Trebuchet in my backyard”

  1. I suppose its better that he built a trebuchet to fling flying pianos instead of molesting young children. because i’m sure that was the next weird hobby on that creepy british man’s list.

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