Microsoft somehow under the impression that they are winning the war on cheaters.

Microsoft has announced that they are implementing a new policy that will crack down on cheaters like never before. No, they haven’t decided to finally activate the hidden C4 inside the box of anyone who attempts to mod it. But don’t worry, their punishment is much more extreme and reminiscent of WWII Germany’s treatment of the Jews.

According to Microsoft and unbeknown to myself and I’m assuming most other Xbox Live gamers, achievement hacking is the hottest form of cheating. Doesn’t it just grind your gears when you see someone with achievements they didn’t really earn? No, not really for me either. Who gives a shit? Well, apparently anyone caught with a mod or cheat on their harddrive (unclear how this is detected) that enhances their gamerscore will have said score reduced to zero and have their account renamed CHEATER McCHEAT (props on the name), as per this photo which is blurred for CheaterMcCheat’s protection. As you can see his status is “CHEATING” while living in “Im’ A Dirty Cheater, USA.” How embarassing. While this isn’t without shittiness for the receiving parties involved (all their achievements whether legitimate or hacked are erased and can never be regained), I find it pretty amusing that Microsoft is diverting any resources toward this kind of nonsense rather than the repeated hardware problems their boxes are facing. And of course it doesn’t combat the whole “pay Microsoft another $50 to get a new account” strategy that most cheaters use or plan on using. Something tells me it’s not in Microsoft’s Scrooge McDuck-ish vault of gold’s best interest to ever combat this strategy.

For another article on this story check here.


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