Square Enix’s new goal: simultaneous worldwide releases.

…And it’s about damn time. Square Enix, best known for its Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series, has made a goal of releasing its future titles simultaneously worldwide. Who knows if they will actually follow up with this monumental mission (my guess is definitely not), but I for one am pretty tired of getting my grubby hands on their games a full year after my Japanese brothers and sisters. Only time will tell.

In other news, here are some dancing people in animal costumes:

The performance of the grizzly bear on the left is lacking, in my opinion. That must be why he’s the farthest from the camera.


One Response to “Square Enix’s new goal: simultaneous worldwide releases.”

  1. Pvt. Eyes Says:

    Reported here too…http://blog.wired.com/games/2008/03/square-enix-sho.html
    Check out the graphic on the page – a U.S. release two years later. ridiculous…

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