Wii Fit Makes You Less of A Slob

WiiFatThumbButler has unofficially declared 2008 the Year of the Wii. Well actually we’ve done no such thing, but if you look some of our articles on Smash Bros. and Mario Kart Wii, you can tell that we’re pretty amped up about what Nintendo has to offer for this calendar year.

Through all the anticipation, however, Wii Fit has remained something of an enigma. Is it a game? Is it an exercise sim? Is it Wii Sports 2? Is it a waste of my time? Am I really overweight?

These days though, more and more people are getting their flabby, hot dog gripping hands on the title and, at least for this writer, interest is definitely building towards the May 19 North America release date. Over at the Wired Game|Life Blog, Chris Kohler obtained a copy of the Japanese version Wii Fit and proceeded to keep a diary of a his week with the game. Kohler offers an in depth look at the gameplay/exercise and briefly describes a few of the activities that you can do to pass the time.

Read Chris Kohler’s Wii Fit post from the Wired Game|Life blog here.


One Response to “Wii Fit Makes You Less of A Slob”

  1. The skiing thing looks fun

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