Patapon fever highly contageous.

So I took a trip over to GameStop today to pick up my very own copy of the newly released PSP first-party title, Patapon. Lucky for me they had one copy left. I took this bad boy home and started playing it. I wasn’t very impressed by the first mission, and considered putting the game down for later, but instead I decided to press onward.

And what a fantastic decision that was – the next three missions I played were unbelievably fun. By the time I got the hang of the rhythm I was fighting entire battles in fever mode (hit the drums correctly enough times in a row), not missing a beat.

The gameplay is simple but addictive. Basically, you are the god of a group of warrior peoples (or rather eyeballs with legs and arms). By banging your war drums (each corresponding to a different button) you issue commands to your troops such as march on or attack.

Patapon also totes a surprisingly sleek system of birthing new patapons (warriors) to fight for you using the raw materials you gain either as spoils from battle or from completing mini-games. Among my personal favorites is a game that involves you shaking goodies out of a dancing tree as well as another where you slice ingredients into a cooking pot (sounds weird but awesome right?). To top it all off, the art style and graphics are stunning.

I highly recommend this title to all gamers. You can pick it up for a cool $19.99, a price lower than its value for sure.


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