Gob admits Call of Duty 4 obsession consumes his existence.

Yes Will Arnett, better known as Gob to my fellow Arrested Development whores, admitted to Conan a passionate love for this game. I wish I had his gamertag.

Speaking of CoD4, there’s a new patch for the game on Xbox live, featuring among other changes an improved Kill Cam, a quick mute option (finally), supposedly faster connection speed, and new spawn points.

Hopefully these changes will make my quest for a gold AK less frustrating. The M16 and AK were easy – now I’ve gotta splatter some domes with Infinity Ward’s slew of monkey reject assault rifles. 428 headshots down, 622 to go…

UPDATE: I have finally given birth to a gold AK47. My life now has meaning.


4 Responses to “Gob admits Call of Duty 4 obsession consumes his existence.”

  1. Brain6464 Says:

    Great clip. A moment of silence for one of the best TV comedies of all time: Arrested Development.

  2. CoD4 is fail, its like CS:S without strafing and less imba weapons

  3. i see so you prefer more power weapons. about stafing though there is strafing to an extent in call of duty (as much as there can be with an xbox controller) though it isn’t as nice as WASD affords you.

    CS:S for PC and CoD4 for 360 is kind of apples and oranges for me though

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