Nintendo Locates Online Gaming Ball, Will Likely Drop It

kamekWith everything that Nintendo does right in the gaming world, I suppose there has to be at least one thing that it can get woefully, hopelessly wrong. In this case that would be online gaming. The Wii has yet to produce a single meaningful online game, though that could change with Brawl coming out next month. Of course, you still won’t be able to talk to anybody in the game, though in the future you may be able to communicate in ridiculous txting form.

A slight tangent here, but is anybody else slightly worried about the prospect of online Brawl actually being fun without communication? I know for me, as well as the vast majority of those I played the GC Smash with, trash talking (and I’m talking like an extreme amount of spraying abuse at your opponent) was an integral part of the game. I feel like something will be lost when transitioning the game to the net sans vocals. In fact, most Nintendo games cultivate a unique party feel and, without human (or at the very least vocal) interaction to go along with the in-game events, I’m worried about the potential outcome of putting these games online.

But back to the issue at hand, which is Nintendo now entertaining the prospect of pay-as-you-play online gaming. In its current disgraceful state, I can’t imagine paying for the online services that the Wii offers, not to mention going through the tedious task of shelling out new fees every time I buy a game that is designated to have online play. To be sure, I don’t mind paying for an online gaming service, but it damn well better be worth my dollar. I’m willing to give Nintendo a little room here, and they’ve released precious few details so far. However, this is definitely a story that I’ll be watching, especially since every day Nintendo falls farther and farther behind the online gaming curve. Who ever thought that Microsoft and XBL could be doing something right?


4 Responses to “Nintendo Locates Online Gaming Ball, Will Likely Drop It”

  1. I read an article a week ago or so (can’t find it) written by someone who had played SSBB online (japanese version) and said it was fraught with connection issues. I know in terms of voice communications I have my laptop always chillin by my TV so I plan on using Ventrilo or Skype simultaneously.

  2. true they need mics like in halo

  3. […] of time spent sitting in front of the TV. Needless to say, my reservations about Smash Brothers multiplayer were true. It wasn’t fun. I sold it back. Yeah I was horrible at it, but at this point in my gaming […]

  4. […] We’ve mentioned this before and it’s a no-brainer.  I don’t want to have to call someone on the phone to talk shit every time I crush them with Kirby.  My phone bill would be huge. […]

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