Road Rash Made Me a Man


How excited I am to hear that EA is considering a Road Rash remake for the new generation of gamers. Hours and hours sucking at the teat of Road Rash made me what I am today. For breakfast I would chain wipe my mother until piping hot eggs were on my plate. For lunch I would sidekick Suzy Lumpkins in the thigh until she had no choice but to give me her broken and desperate love. I learned quickly that the best resting place for a mace or blunt end of a nunchaku was in someones skull. But those days ended with Road Rash 64, a terrible game that betrayed my trust and brought an end to my manhood showboating days. But now with the possibility of a new great teacher on the horizon, I feel the faint rumble of the beast inside me. If Road Rash made men from gangly boys, will the new Road Rash bring godliness for us all?

++May Zeus bless this game and all of those that work on it++

Another article here (but not as good as this one).


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