Xbox Dead

Yes that’s right. I come home from being out of town and find that my xbox has the dreaded Red Ring of Choose-Your-Ominous-Noun. I’m currently sending it in for a repair, which is a bit of a blessing for my Wii gaming career… Right now I’m playing Professor Layton on the DS, and i’ll be back later this week with my thoughts on that game too… Until then, do yourself a favor and read this Mario Kart Wii preview from 1up.

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Update: Red Ring Afflicts GDC. Whoops.


10 Responses to “Xbox Dead”


  2. lewl he already mailed it in

  3. nah the unplugging/replugging didn’t work…

  4. controlling chaos Says:

    I’m now making the jump to for a “new system” I think the Xbox-360 Elite would make a good start. Has Microsoft improved the reliability performance for the new ones? I know Xbox-360 had problems when it was first released…

  5. i’m hearing conflicting sources on this…there are places where they say new elites have the same problems …
    (that’s from about a year ago), and i think in general there are more questions than answers.
    As for my system, there’s gotta be a way to get more mileage out of it, i mean i’ve only had it for a few years…hopefully this fix will be fine, though microsoft is slacking and i still don’t have the shipping box….

  6. an individual who worked for Microsoft released a statement attributing the red ring mainly to the fact that the system was rushed in order to beat the PS3 to the market, so some parts of the disc firing unit are highly prone to failure. until they change that in the design (who knows when) the 360’s are still gonna crap out consistently. I also read that they might run out of replacements soon and who knows what would happen then. I think what happened at GDC showed that we can rule out user abuse as a cause of the 360’s malfunctioning but rather it is clearly a failure of its engineering

  7. […] Open Source Rock Band Sequel Well, not quite. But in a conference at GDC, Chris Foster, of Rock Band developer Harmonix, stated that the company was investigating possibilities of user created content and song imports for future Rock Band titles. As Joystiq staffer JC Fletcher aptly points out: does this mean that Rock Band 2 is confirmed? If so, I gotta get my Xbox back ASAP. […]

  8. controlling chaos Says:

    Should I take the Risk and BUY a XBO360, or buy a PS3???

  9. controlling chaos Says:

    sorry for the typo – xbox360 elite

  10. well, i just purchased an xbox 360 elite from target (in fact it was my roommates xbox that had the original red ring). I bought a cooling system and have an additional fan set up right next to it. fingers crossed, but right now my roommate is killing Celebrity Skin on Expert Drums…

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