Activision confirms official project…Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Activision has officially announced its newest Guitar Hero project: a game dedicated to and centered around the band Aerosmith. The soundtrack will reportedly feature not only a mega-slew of Aerosmith tracks, but will also include artists that influenced the band throughout their career. Neversoft (Tony Hawk series, Guitar Hero III) has signed on as the developer for the 360 and PS3 versions, while Vicarious Visions and Budcat will develop the Wii and PS2 versions, respectively. The game is scheduled for a June release this year.

So what does this new direction for the franchise mean? For one, it undoubtedly adds a new way for the video game universe to expand upon and take part in the music industry. The game will allow you to play through Aerosmith’s career and supposedly get a feel for the journey they experienced, starting at their first gig and taking you all the way to their current legendary stardom.

While this definitely has great potential to add to the niche genre and interact with both the music and the player on a new level, there are some possible issues I forsee. Mainly, I personally am not a huge Aerosmith fan save their hits, and I know that I would regretably grow extremely tired of playing ‘guitar’ to their songs over and over again (although as a band their sound does vary a good amount – for example compare “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” to “Sweet Emotion”). I’ll be interested to see the final product when it comes out this summer.


4 Responses to “Activision confirms official project…Guitar Hero: Aerosmith”

  1. its a shame that this isn’t a rock band title…I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing is a standard of my karaoke repertoire…

  2. ya. Rock Band: 3eB would be the best IMO.

  3. yea major ball drop

  4. […] was entering the realm of absurdity when they announced the most probably destined-for-failure Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, but you had no idea just what mad science Activision has been brewing in their basement. On a […]

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