Future Rock Band DLC Revealed?

As pointed out by Joystiq, this post in a scorehero.com forum proclaims to have a list of future DLC songs for Rock Band. The author, laconic, doesn’t specify how he/she arrived at this list, but one can imagine some poking around involved. Not that we’re opposed to that at Thumb Butler. Anyhow, the list is ridiculously awesome, though I’m also forcing myself to not get too amped considering the high probability of bullshit. Artists’ are not named in the list (only song titles) but check out some highlights after the jump:

The Oasis pack is currently my favorite thing to play, so keeping that Britpop coming, this time with Blur, would be welcome. Potentially intriguing is the song Hysteria. This could be the version by Muse from the album Absolution or the Def Leppard power ballad, also called Hysteria, from the 1987 album of the same name. I’m not sure which I’d be more excited for, though I wonder if there’d be an achievement for playing the Def Leppard drum part with one arm. You decide:


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