Square Enix Hates on Your Cosplaying, Fool!

In a previous post, we pointed to the glorious nature of some homemade Halo accessories. Now, courtesy of Game| Life, I’ve been alerted to some badass replica swords from the FF series.

“Oh my god this is a dream come true!…Now all I have to do is log in to my ebay account and bid on them!…hold on, the doorbell just rang, let me go answer it … whoa Deparment of Homeland Security?…[Sounds of Waterboarding]…FIN” This previous scene was fictional but something pretty close to it probably transpired for the guy or gal who wanted to add the ultimate accessory to their Cloud Strife costume.

In addition to the DHS and U.S. Customs being on the hunt, now Square Enix has filed a lawsuit against the retailers of the swords, citing its obligation to “to protect its intellectual property rights.” I hope that once they get the swords back, they then use said property to defend those rights in the future.


One Response to “Square Enix Hates on Your Cosplaying, Fool!”

  1. guillotine blade with a handle

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