Mac Gaming Makes News?

In an earlier post, I noted how my purchase of a Mac completely euthanized my already stumbling PC gaming career. Gaming on an Apple is notoriously non-existent these days, but in fact it wasn’t always like this. I remember the glorious days of middle school, when the Mac-only titles from Ambrosia Software reigned supreme in my world of gaming. Titles like Maelstrom and Escape Velocity were fantastic, and they dominated my old school Power Mac both at home and in the computer room at school during recess.


Power Pete, the 1995 game of the year for MacWorld, was another classic. This third person shooter/platformer came free with my totally rad Mac Performa and I remember it being unbelievably long. In fact, I recall my neighbor and I being able to beat it only once in our lives after a marathon 12 hour session.


Anyhow, my point in bringing this up is that there has been recent talk about Apple potentially making a moving back into gaming. The most recent news has been the move by the company to seek trademark protection on future gaming devices. I guess that’s more of a rumor, but one thing that was followed was the announcement that Apple was also hiring game developers. Perhaps another return to Dark Castle awaits?


One Response to “Mac Gaming Makes News?”

  1. I grew up on Glider and Escape Velocity, but there’s so many other awesome titles. I’m excited about the new Mac gaming age you suggested, but its also nice that how the newer Intel Macs can boot into Windows so we can have the best of both worlds.

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