Top 5 Most Satisfying Ways to Dispose of Opponents in Smash Bros

In eager anticipation of Smash Bro’s Brawl (coming March 9th for the Wii), Thumb Butler recaps some of our favorite moves from Super Smash Brothers on the GameCube.

1. Biggity Baseball Bat

Landing a big slam is more fun than punting a baby or small pet. Alternatively just throw the bat at an unexpecting victim and watch them fly off the edge of the screen.

2. Kirby Sucks

Inhale an unsuspecting stranger and run off a ledge. By time they wiggle out of your belly it will be too late, while you just float back to safety with three airjumps and maybe that weird upwards attack move Kirby does. (Note: this kill method doesn’t work on Townsperson A, who literally thrashes his controller like Jaws in a spirited button-mashing frenzy, forcing a quick regurgitation from Kirby.)

3. Kidnapped by Donkey Kong

Grab em and run for the hills. You’ll die too, but you’ll get a point for killing them so its no probskis.

4. Yoshi Poop Chute

Grab someone with your tongue and lay that egg off the edge of the level. For even better results, try it while falling past them, although this involves you dying too (quite worth it for a good poopkill).

5. Deflect-o-death

Wave that Mario cloak or deflection shield at the right instant to return that Samus killshot or other projectile right back to sender.

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