AIAS Interactive Achievement Awards crowns Call of Duty 4 king of 2007

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences has named Call of Duty 4 the game of the year. This truly goes to show that while most development teams working directly for major publishers blow astronomic ass, there are still some that possess an extraordinary amount of talent. When it comes to putting together an all-around solid and satisfying FPS, Infinity Ward knows that they’re doing, and Activision is certainly happy about that.

Other notable awards given include:

  • Outstanding Innovation in Gaming: Rock Band
  • Adventure Game of the Year: Super Mario Galaxy
  • Outstanding Achievement in Animation: Assassin’s Creed

These three come as absolutely no surprise to me but…

  • Outstanding Achievement in Soundtrack: Rock Band

This one bothered me. The game itself is a giant soundtrack of pre-composed music. Maybe next time they can give the award to a game with an excellent original score rather than an arrangement of rock songs of varying quality.

If you’re interested in reading a comprehensive list of the award winners, Kotaku has one here.


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