2nd Skin

There are some things I may never understand like why NASCAR is so popular or how I receive so much satisfaction from watching the movie Paycheck over and over. One question which stands out is why the hell are MMORPG’s so damn popular? Hopefully this documentary, 2nd Skin, which delves into the minds of seven MMORPG players will allow me to understand this phenomena/plague.

According to the website, 2nd Skin is a documentary on virtual worlds and the gamers who inhabit them. From the trailer it looks like the focus is on World of Warcraft specifically.

I have tried to play MMOs starting with some Ultima game back in 1997. That lasted for about three days. Recently I tried the 14 day trial in World of Warcraft. After countless hours in the land of Azeroth my character was a level 18 or 20 Necromancer named AnusTikler. Rewarding? No. I guess I should be happy that I keep asking why people play WOW instead of asking why not…


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