Rockstar gives a big NO to GTA movie prospect.

Despite rumors circulating at the end of last year that Rockstar was beginning arrangements to make a Grand Theft Auto movie with possible hilarious choice of star, Eminem, the company has released a public statement that said rumors are false. In addition to denying that such a deal will take place, Dan Houser (current Rockstar president) asserted that Rockstar was never even considering pursuing a movie based on the successful series.

According to Houser the only truth in the rumors is that several studios were pitching a slew of projects to the company and that all of these were rejected outright. While this news may be disappointing to some, I personally believe that a film, unless unbelievably well done (which it would in all likelihood be not, given the track record of video game IP licensed out into movies save the gem that is Super Mario Bros.), would take away from the beautiful glory of the GTA series.

You can read more at one of the sites on our blogroll, here.


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