Jetman conquers boredom, occasionally miffs

Adding to Facebook’s status as the world’s premier soul-sucking timesink are “Applications”, which allow users to play some primitive games online. One particularly popular Application is Simeon Dorsey’s Jetman, a simple game of dodging obstacles while flying through space. While at first incredibly mind-numbing and stupid like everything else on Facebook, the game becomes fun when challenging friends in the “Jetman Arena”. Also, the Jetperson can be customized with a few invite credits. Check out this excellent cow theme:

The frustrating thing about this game is that sometimes the random terrain generator comes up with an obstacle that is completely impassible (see below). It puts an aggravating end to your record-setting journey. Despite these setbacks, even the Thumb Butler himself can’t resist strapping on his jetpack and killing a few hours.


6 Responses to “Jetman conquers boredom, occasionally miffs”

  1. Brain6464 Says:

    Hahaha. You got OWNED! You were going up agains 7561?!

  2. Yeah that’s Sara’s record. I can’t get past 3500.

  3. jetmaster Says:

    oooh looks like someone owns at jetman with a little 7561 action. the thumb butler just can’t seem to measure up!

  4. markliskevych Says:

    so is this game worth starting a facebook account for? Or should i just stick the Alleyway ripoff on my blackberry…

  5. haha definitely not worth starting a facebook account… especially for a hardcore gamer like yourself. daggius just loves being a flying cow

  6. it’s pretty enjoyable. i just unlocked the jetman hobo

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