Skate Outsells Tony Hawk

SkateIt was sad to see the Tony Hawk series deteriorate into a rotting corpse, especially after the first game, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was such a landmark in the gaming world and my childhood. Stringing together combo moves like Fastplant, Impossible, Heelflip, Wall Ride, Sex Change took up hours of my time in a psychologically taxing quest to get 10,000 points in one run. Everything about the debut Tony Hawk game was amazing from the controls to the graphics and animation. Then the series took a detour with less realistic controls and more absurd tricks in the second release, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. I played the second game thoroughly but it didn’t have the same honest controls of the first game. After that I played Tony Hawk 3 for ten minutes hoping I would be instilled with that magical feeling of the original, but I soon realized that was just a pipe dream.

Fortunately, Skate has come out and it kicks ass according to gamers, outselling Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground 2 to 1. You can find a brief article on this at Joystiq.

I can only hope these sales will make Neversoft and Activision take a little toke from the creativity dragon and release an excellent Tony Hawk game in a genre that has been devoid of competition for far too long. Hail Skate, slayer of Hawk!


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