Turok Demo Bites


The Turok Demo – released with a rather predictable outcome — crappy. This reminds me of the time vol. 229 of the Hardy Boys detective series hit the shelves and we found out the boys are gay lovers and just used the “we are brothers” ruse so they could sleep in the same bed together. We all knew it was coming, the signs were there, we just pushed it out of our minds. Now, Turok is here and we have to face the truth. It’s not as good as we wanted it to be but it is exactly what the previews showed us.

One of the “cool” ideas touched on in the developer interviews was the option to complete objectives with stealth or brute force…in reality, stealth in this game is lame. How am I rewarded for a successful stealth operation? With a series of boring and easily executed knife kills. I would compare it to Manhunt for kindergarten. What happened to God of War mini-games where you string together a series of button and joystick combos? Too challenging? Too distracting? Too much fun!? I would rather punch buttons on my microwave than perform stealth kills in this game.

The guns are another weak point in the Turok demo. A shotgun to the head of a raptor seems to do little but stun it, leaving it open to an attack from your pellet gun (uzi). I am a big critic of guns that sound like crap and all perform the same, so this demo gets a D- in that department. Ultimately my weapon of choice was the grenade. Exploding dinosaurs quickly became my only source of entertainment.

To sum up everything very quickly, the level design is a poorly disguised box, the enemies put themselves in front of your bullets very well, there are not enough grenades, and the sound effects are the opposite of good. How did Propaganda Games do on their foray into the first person shooter genre? I don’t know yet (the full game might include dinosaur sex and that would change a lot of things for me), but I suggest renting the game or playing the demo before you commit yourself to this $60 purchase.


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