Halo Gear Makes Me Feel More Human

Playing Halo is probably equivalent to having a gruesome drug addiction: you hate it, you hate yourself for doing it, and you keep doing it anyways. Then your teeth fall out.

I’m awful at Halo. I keep playing. I keep telling myself I want to get good at it. I stagnate around level 21. I’m awful with the sniper rifle. I kill teammates with grenades. I quit for a week. Repeat Cycle. I never play Halo with a smile on my face.

But now I actually can chuckle at a few things Halo-related which have caught my eye this week:

1) This badass Halo sword, available on Ebay nonetheless. Bidding ends soon! (Link via Gizmowatch)

2) This kid’s carboard Spartan armor. He probably wears it while he beats the crap out of me on Construct. (Link via Geekologie) Geekologie)


One Response to “Halo Gear Makes Me Feel More Human”

  1. […] a look at the top 10 games of 2007, check out 1up.com. Need a hint on #1? It involves some cardboard armor. PC game sales are low and lazy, according to everywhere on the internet. Because I like their […]

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