God of War 2 Director Likes Stories, Misses Boats


I suppose I’m a little late on this one, but this kind of buffoonery, in addition to pissing me off, is timeless.

Cory Barlog, director of God of War 2, recently talked about Super Mario Galaxy, and criticized its “vapid story.” He told Wired’s Game Life blog his reasons for not liking Galaxy: “I think it is because I just don’t care about the why…You think with a franchise this big they would at least put a little effort in the why.”

Hey Cory: Since when do games have to have stories? Yeah, most of them do, but non-narrative games can be great, innovative, and extremely important to the development of video games as whole. Barlog totally misses the point.

And who the fuck plays Mario for its storyline anyway? There is no reason why a Mario game needs to or even should have a coherent or gripping narrative. Nintendo totally understands this, which is why they’ve told the same ridiculous fairy tale time and time again without attempting to change it.

People often make this same argument about movies. “The special effects were good buuuut … it didn’t have a story… blah blah.” Hey Tool, a movie doesn’t need to have a story. Fuck, it doesn’t even have to have any characters. It is not a novel. It is not a theatrical production. Movies, like video games, are their own medium. They can create rules by which literature and other arts are not required to play.

Film has over 100 years of history and its STILL working through these issues. So its no wonder that video games, less than half a century old, are finding their feet when comes to whether or not to follow the path set by books. So shut the fuck up if the thought of Mario saving Peach doesn’t bring you to tears. It doesn’t have to. If that’s why you’re playing a game like Galaxy, you are a clown. In fact, if “the story” is the only reason you’re playing any game, you need to check yourself.

Instead appreciate the other aspects of the game that contribute to its totality. For Galaxy, these include the fabulous sound and intricate level design, which are among the best on any system last year. A “story” or a “narrative” is not imperative to a videogame.


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