Fight Night Cheap Shots: Four is the Magic Number

In EA Sports’ Fight Night: Round 3, there’s no better way to send a friend to the canvas than with a swift knee to the crotch, followed up by a headbutt or elbow. You might wonder, how often can I use these great dishonorable tactics without getting disqualified? The answer is simple. No matter how many punches you throw, how long the fight lasts, or whether your opponent blocks your attacks or takes them firmly in the groin, the referee will only allow you four illegal blows in any fight (swiping at the air doesn’t count). If you hit your opponent with a fifth illegal attack, you’ll immediately forfeit the match.

I know what you’re thinking. Only four illegal blows?! I wanted to pummel the other guy with elbows for 12 rounds. I hear you, brother. Here’s a bit about each illegal move to help make the most of those precious four:

Elbow to the Face: Causes swelling and opens up cuts that will win fights in the long run. It has a short range, so use it as a counter-attack so it’s less likely to miss.
Headbutt: Causes the same type of damage as the elbow move. Since you are literally throwing your head at the enemy, you’ll be vulnerable to big punches during the headbutt; use wisely.
Low Blow: A sweeping, long-range punch to the nads. An easy way to wound your opponent or knock him down if he’s already dizzy.Mike Tyson takes a chomp on Evander Holyfield
High Knee: My personal favorite, this move yields similar results as the low blow when landed on the body. However, a knee to the face (your opponent must be leaning down) can cause a instant knockdown.

Now if only Mike Tyson was in the game, there could be an ear-bite move.


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